Ore-Made WeaponsEdit

Ore-made weapons are weapons that can be crafted with ores/blocks that exist in Minecraft. These weapons have a large variety of tiers and degradability. Crystalle is not considered an ore. Some ore-made weapons include other ingredients that are not ores, but are ore based.

Inferno Sword:Edit

The inferno sword is the only sword in game (non-enchanted) that has the ability to randomly set the mob on fire. It also has infinite durability. Silk touch is required to obtain an inferno sword as you need redstone ore blocks.

Damage: 9

Durability: Infinite

Inferno Sword

Ingredients: Blaze Powder, Redstone Ore Blocks, Sticks

Bedrock Sword:Edit

The bedrock sword is a strong and long lasting sword. It provides as a good weapon for users on their way to high tier items.

Damage: 13

Durability: 14,000

Bedrock Sword

Ingredients: Bedrock, Sticks

Realmite Sword:Edit

The realmite sword is a weak infinite sword. It is a good sword for newer users who do not wish to replace their diamond sword.

Damage: 6

Durability: Infinite

Realmite Sword

Ingredients: Realmite Blocks, Sticks

Arlemite Stabber:Edit

The arlemite stabber has the same damage as the realmite sword, however it is not infinite. It provides a decent weapon for newer users who have discovered arlemite.

Damage: 6

Durability: 4000

Arlemite Stabber

Ingredients: Arlemite, Sticks

Rupee Rapier:Edit

The rupee rapier is a longer lasting version of the diamond sword. It provides the same damage but lasts more than twice as long. In DivineRPG, the texture has changed to a blue vanilla sword that looks like a diamond sword, but a little darker.

Damage: 9

Durability: 4000

Rupee Rapier

Ingredients: 2 Rupee, Sticks

Slime Sword:Edit

The slime sword is a high damage weapon. It can be crafted with diamond swords as well as slimeballs. Although it is considered hard to make due to the slimeballs, it provides excellent efficiency for mob and player killing.

Damage: 16

Durability: 1000

Slime Sword

Ingredients: Slimeball, Diamond Sword

Fury Maul:Edit

The fury maul is a strong and fairly easy to craft weapon. However, the disadvantage of the fury maul is silk touch is required to craft it as diamond ore blocks are needed.

Damage: 13

Durability: Infinite

Fury Maul

Ingredients: Diamond Ore Block, Bedrock.

Bedrock Maul:Edit

The bedrock maul is the strongest infinitely lasting weapon in XolovonRPG. Although hard to craft due to bedrock blocks, it provides excellent damage. It also acts as a decent tool for any sort of harvesting. In DivineRPG, the texture needs to stay like this.

Damage: 19

Durability: Infinite

Bedrock Maul

Ingredients: Bedrock?