Mortality WeaponsEdit

The mortality weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game, but are very expensive to make. While none of them have many uses at all, they can cause massive amounts of damage or healing.

These weapons were removed.Edit

The RejuvenatorEdit

The rejuvenator is a quick healing sword that heals you for a lot of health. It does not have many uses.

Heals: 20

Damage: 1

Durability: 10


Ingredients: Healing Stone, Crystallon, Sticks

The AquaventavorEdit

The aquaventavor is a quick healing sword however it heals less than the rejuvenator it lasts longer.

Heals: 8

Damage: 1

Durability: 25

The Aquaventor

Ingredients: Healing Stone, Aquaball, Sticks

The JudgementEdit

The judgement is an extremely strong weapon that will heal you. It does not have many uses but can easily be considered the best weapon in the game.

Heals: 20

Damage: 50

Durability: 10

The Judgement

Ingredients: Healing Stone, Aquaball, Stick

The VictorEdit

The victor is the strongest weapon in the game by a long shot. It deals incredible damage and heals you for a half a heart.

Heals: 1

Damage: 120

Durability: 8

The Victor

Ingredients: Crystallon, Aquaball, Healing Stone, Realmite Block