Crystalle PaintsEdit

Crystalle paints are created from crystallon. They also involved 8 of a different ingredient as the pigment for the crystalle. One crystalle paint can be used to colour certain armors or weapons. The list of currently colourable items is below. The current colours for crystalle paints are green, blue, yellow, black and red.

Crystalle PaintsD

List Of Colourable ItemsEdit

Ender Armor

Plasma Armor

Ender Sword

Recipes For Crystalle PaintsEdit

Blue Crystallon

Ingredients: Rupee, Crystallon

Green Crystallon

Ingredients: Arlemite, Crystallon

Black Crystallon

Ingredients: Shadow Bar, Crystallon

Yellow Crystallon

Ingredients: Realmite Bar, Crystallon

Red Crystallon

Ingredients: Netherite Chunk, Crystallon