Armor (or Armour) adds extra protection via a separate health bar that reaches 10 armor points. Armor can be made with leather, gold, iron, diamonds and fire (fire is unavailable without the use of an inventory editor) and consists of chestplates, helmets, boots and leggings. Each armor point gives 8% damage reduction, with a maximum of 80% damage reduction with 10 armor points. The difference between armors and costumes is that armors will provide a much better defence bonus when worn. Below is a list of all armors included in XolovonRPG.

List Of Armor ItemsEdit

Netherite ArmorNetherite Armor
Ender Armor

Normally colored ender armor.

Crystallon HelmetCrystonal Armor

Kraken ArmorKraken Armor

Inferno HelmetInferno Armor

Bedrock HelmetBedrock Armor

Ender ArmorrEnder Armor

Plasma ArmorPlasma Armor

Realmtie ArmorRealmite Armor
Divine ArmorI

Divine armor.

Elite RealmiteElite Realmite Armor

Aquastrive ArmorAquastrive Armor

ShadowArmorShadow Armor

Divine ArmorDivine Armor

Angelic ArmorAngelic Armor

Graph Edit